Tuesday, October 5, 2010

a piece of my mind

colleagues sometime can be as egoistic,stubborn n bla2.....
orthodox thinking should be avoid.combination of ideas and future planning are very very essential in developing countries such as our beloved country here.but some,rather than coming up with new ideas,they stick with average unsolved well copied text book requirement that are widely used.so the problem here is,it will cost students to be not as special as industrial people are searching for..they have no lead in what so ever field they are interested in.
so here comes the part where young intellectual minds should take part.
generating new ideas so that it will suit the market,combining with the old one and making it better by furnishing,cleaning and adding to these particular things so it will suit up with demanding in respected area..
critcal thinking adding with creative and well structurized solution is indeed good,but we should also add or accept idea from logical aspect of reason.theoritical speaks to a whole question,but answers are solution of a basic unknown and it will convert into known and further it will be our knowledge..
so when a person give u an opinion that is being said by him for several months and no action is being taken,you should be sad because when you realized it is gone,you will suffer the concequences.take action now and don't let people from other universities come to your place and condemn your organization because you people cannot generate new ideas. all the idea these people told you are THE SAME as i told you guys back a few months ago..it is IMPOSSIBLE for you guys to be ahead of them.
so how to turn IMPOSSIBLE to POSSIBLE?
create new road of studies and interest.you have a lot of hardly used land,and yes i mean it..utilize it..bring profit and involve in new area of expertise..be the hub of natural herb..don't jump into chemical right away,but be special..vast amount of land,develop into agrotech..be the institution where people come to you asking question and u provided the solution.be an independent bio-pharmaceutical institution..don't rush just take it slowly.exploit the agrotechnology area..do more research on natural herbs,convert it into neutracitical and drug development area..bring and educate more people on this area..be special..
young mind working there,please give new idea and not doing nothing,wait for the end of the monthto waste your monthly salary.
people are expecting more on you..your PG are mainly foreigner because they don't know yet who you are.malaysian are not interested on you.
among 107 applied for sc fund,only 17 have managed to get it..why?you should already know it by yourself.
if your organization still stick with your industials' unwanted requirement,it is up to you..
and yes...i'm leaving

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